About Me

One who seeks for diversity and injects computing technique into different fields.

Bowei He


  • 2017.4-     Junior Software Developer @ Akuna Capital LLC, Shanghai, China
    • Trading system: Low Latency Gateways, Data
    • C++, Python
  • 2016.6-2016.9      Software Developer Engineer Intern @ Microsoft Corp., Beijing, China
    • Search Technology Center, Asia(STCA)
    • Worked on Translation Model and Bing image relevance
    • C#, C++
  • 2015.9-2015.12    Teaching Assistant @ Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
    • Program: Role of Technology and Design on Growth of Modern China in the 21st Century
    • Matlab, Python


  • 2014.9 – 2017.3 Master of Design Science
  • 2010.9 – 2014.6 Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology
    • Southeast University, Nanjing, China

Selected Projects

  • CrowdVitality for Design Ideation
    • Turns crowd voted similarity of design solutions into an idea-map, then compute the ideation vitality of the idea-map
    • Based on t-Stochastic Triplet Embedding(t-STE) and Information Cell Mixture Model(ICMM)
    • Graduation Design
    • Temporarily closed source for patent application. If interested, feel free to contact me.
  • Creative Crowd
    • A prototype web crowdsourcing platform which support extendable task assigner and page rending
    • GitHub Link
  • Python Implementation of Information Cell Mixture Model (ICMM)
    • ICMM is a model for cognitive representations of vague concepts, which can be implemented in many fields such as pattern recognition
    • GitHub Link
  • JoinPay
    • 2014 US Citi Mobile Challenge: Best Payments Experience Winner
    • An Android app prototype that helps AA payment process
    • GitHub Link


Email: bowei92#outlook.com  <Replace # with @>

Github: https://github.com/idailylife



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